Waste and Biomass Power Plant Design and Operation

Facility Operations and Maintenance Management

The foundation of Deltaway’s service platform is managing overall operations and maintenance for waste-to-energy and biomass facilities. That’s where our team members excel and where we’ve earned our reputation.

Our experienced facility managers and technical experts partner with both owners and their operations teams, with an eye toward sustainable, long-term facility optimization, operating cost reductions, and increased income.

Based on an owner’s needs, we introduce proven, state-of-the-art operations and maintenance systems by applying our unrivaled understanding of industry best practices in combination with our proven performance improvement tools and designs.

We often perform this work under profit-sharing arrangements based on key performance indicators—the value we add by improving the operating availability and steam cycle efficiency of our clients’ facilities.

  • Operations and maintenance
  • Combustion systems
  • Steam cycle upgrades
  • Outage planning and management
  • Specialized part sourcing

Ren-Wu Case Study


Owners frequently invite Deltaway to partner with them long before a project is even built. We help them analyze early stage new facility designs and retrofits to identify ways of optimizing their proposed plants’ performance, reliability, and income-generating potential.

The work typically begins with feasibility and financial analyses. We look at site conditions, assess power purchase agreements and local tipping fees, recommend alternative combustion systems, and analyze operating costs based on our extensive recent experience with industry best practices.

Feasibility Assessments

  • Cost estimating
  • Financial pro forma evaluation
  • Due diligence
  • Financial consultation

Technical Assistance

  • Plant performance optimization
  • Efficiency analysis
  • Performance monitoring
  • Steam sales optimization
  • Combustion control
  • Energy conservation review
  • Boiler load increase engineering

Okeelanta Biomass-Plant Case Study


Deltaway provides overall systems design for greenfield waste-to-energy plants. We select the optimum designs for client plants, applying our proprietary value engineering processes and industry best practices.

Since all facility owners from time to time need help with discrete technical and engineering problems, Deltaway’s experts also offer mechanical, electrical, and structural engineering solutions.

We’ve engineered and executed feed pump upgrades, variable frequency drive conversions, economizer resizings, bottom ash system improvements, and the integration of new turbine generators into existing plants.

In addition, we help owners source specialized parts, such as grate bars, bags, and turbine parts ideally scaled to enhance their facilities’ reliability and cost-effectiveness.

  • Long-term capital project design, improvement, and management
  • Conceptual design
  • Detail design oversight
  • Electrical, mechanical, and structural system design
  • Bottom ash and fly ash handling engineering
  • Retrofitting
  • Turbine modification, analysis, and optimization
  • Expert witness services
  • Specialized part sourcing

Huadu WTE Plant Case Study