Waste and Biomass Power Plant Design and Operation

Case Studies

North America

  • Miami-Dade, Florida; WTE

    Miami-Dade, Florida; WTE

    4,200 TPD, Zurn RDF
  • Pinellas, Florida; WTE

    Pinellas, Florida; WTE

    3,000 TPD, Martin mass-burn
  • SPSA, Virginia; WTE

    SPSA, Virginia; WTE

    2,000 TPD, Combustion Engineering RdF
  • Long Beach, California; WTE

    Long Beach, California; WTE

    1,380 TPD, Steinmuller mass-burn
  • Montgomery, Pennsylvania; WTE

    Montgomery, Pennsylvania; WTE

    1,380 TPD, Steinmuller mass-burn
  • York, Pennsylvania; WTE

    York, Pennsylvania; WTE

    1,344 TPD, O'Connor Rotary Combustor
  • Quebec City, Quebec; WTE

    Quebec City, Quebec; WTE

    1,000 TPD, Von Roll mass-burn
  • Marion Plasma Arc

    Marion Plasma Arc

    600 TPD, Plasma Arc
  • Savannah, Georgia; WTE

    Savannah, Georgia; WTE

    500 TPD, Seghers mass-burn
  • Bay, Florida; WTE

    Bay, Florida; WTE

    490 TPD, O'Connor Rotary Combustor
  • Islip, New York; WTE

    Islip, New York; WTE

    485 TPD, O'Connor Rotary Combustor
  • Dutchess, New York; WTE

    Dutchess, New York; WTE

    456 TPD, O'Connor Rotary Combustor
  • City of Commerce, California; WTE

    City of Commerce, California; WTE

    400 TPD, Detroit Stoker mass-burn
  • Alma, Quebec; WTE

    Alma, Quebec; WTE

    200 TPD, mass-burn
  • Tangier Island, Virginia; Incineration

    Tangier Island, Virginia; Incineration

    17 TPD, Consumat Modular
  • Okeelanta, Florida; Biomass

    Okeelanta, Florida; Biomass

    135 MWe; Combustion Engineering vibrating
  • East Chicago, Indiana

    East Chicago, Indiana

    95 MWe, waste-heat boiler
  • Chowchilla Biomass

    Chowchilla Biomass

    12.5 MWe, fluidized bed
  • Merced, California; Biomass

    Merced, California; Biomass

    12.5 MWe, fluidized bed

Asia and Other Regions

  • Macau, China; WTE

    Macau, China; WTE

    1,730 TPD, Martin mass-burn
  • Doha, Qatar; WTE

    Doha, Qatar; WTE

    1,500 TPD Massburn
  • Huadu WTE

    Huadu WTE

    1,500 TPD, Volund mass-burn
  • Puxi, China; WTE

    Puxi, China; WTE

    1,500 TPD, Steinmuller mass-burn
  • Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic; WTE

    Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic; WTE

    1,500 TPD, massburn
  • Ren-Wu WTE

    Ren-Wu WTE

    1,350 TPD, Martin mass-burn
  • Lutsao, Taiwan; WTE

    Lutsao, Taiwan; WTE

    900 TPD, Takuma mass-burn
  • Karachi, Pakistan; Biogas

    Karachi, Pakistan; Biogas

    750 TPD, LFG biogas
  • American Samoa; WTE

    American Samoa; WTE

    75 TPD, Modular
  • Barueri, Brazil; WTE

    Barueri, Brazil; WTE

    Seghers Massburn


  • Amsterdam, Netherlands; WTE

    Amsterdam, Netherlands; WTE

    4,200 TPD, W&E mass-burn
  • Rozenburg WTE

    Rozenburg WTE

    3,500 TPD, DBA Roller Grate mass-burn
  • Moerdijk, Netherlands; WTE

    Moerdijk, Netherlands; WTE

    3,000 TPD, Von Roll mass-burn
  • Wijster, Netherlands; WTE

    Wijster, Netherlands; WTE

    2,200 TPD RdF
  • Antwerp, Belgium; WTE

    Antwerp, Belgium; WTE

    1,500 TPD, Seghers RdF
  • Nice, France; WTE

    Nice, France; WTE

    1,300 TPD, Martin mass-burn
  • Rotterdam, Netherlands; WTE

    Rotterdam, Netherlands; WTE

    1,200 TPD, Martin mass-burn
  • Duiven, Netherlands; WTE

    Duiven, Netherlands; WTE

    1,100 TPD, DBA Roller Grate mass-burn
  • Oxfordshire, England; WTE

    Oxfordshire, England; WTE

    822 TPD, Martin mass-burn
  • Toulon, France WTE

    Toulon, France WTE

    780 TPD, Martin massburn
  • Bilbao, Spain; WTE

    Bilbao, Spain; WTE

    720 TPD, Martin mass-burn
  • Nis, Serbia; WTE

    Nis, Serbia; WTE

    480 TPD, mass-burn
  • Lincolnshire, England; WTE

    Lincolnshire, England; WTE

    411 TPD, Martin mass-burn
  • Ridham Dock, England; Biomass

    Ridham Dock, England; Biomass

    25 MWe, Kablitz Grate
  • Rozenburg Biomass; Rotterdam, Netherlands

    Rozenburg Biomass; Rotterdam, Netherlands

    22.5 MWe, Standardkessel
  • Nesle, France; Biomass

    Nesle, France; Biomass

    16 MWe, Detroit Stoker traveling grate
  • Pierrelatte, France; Biomass

    Pierrelatte, France; Biomass

    12 MWe, Detroit Stoker traveling grate